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Food Processor Dog Food Recipe

If you have done any research in regards to feeding your dog you probably already now that feeding you dog store bought kibble or other types of dog food may not be the best thing for your pet. In fact a lot of the health problems today’s dogs face can be attributed to what they are eating. Making you own fresh dog food at home isn’t that difficult and doesn’t take very long. One thing that can help speed up the process is using a good food processor, anything one of the food processors from this site will work fine. Just make sure you get a processor large enough if you have a bigger dog.

You don’t need to feed you dog fresh food everyday but a few times a week should be enough to keep them healthy. Whenever you have some leftovers you can whip a batch and your dog will love you for it. Just make sure you have a good mix of protein, carbs and vegetables.

A simple recipe contains the following,adjust the amounts based on your dogs size:

  • boneless chicken thighs
  • salt
  • cooked rice
  • frozen peas

1: Cook the chicken thighs. Wash and rinse the chicken thighs in cold water, then bake at 350 for an hour. Drain the juices and cut up the chicken into chunks.

2: Cook the rice.

3:Steam the peas

4: Loosely mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and refrigerate overnight. This steep helps everything firm up before mixing in the food processor.

5: The next day add eveything into your food processor and chop until everything is combined and cut into small pieces. Store the food in an airtight container in the fridge until ready to use.

food processor dog food




Taking Control of a Disobedient Dog

If your dog has a behavior problem, it’s time to learn some good training techniques to get past this problem. When your dog is behaving in a difficult or destructive way, don’t resign yourself to having to live with this behavior. You can be sure that whatever your dog is doing has also been done by millions of other dogs, and that dog training experts have figured out how to solve it.

Stool eating is probably the worst habit that a dog can have and is definitely horrible to watch. Many dogs will eat the feces of other animals, and eating from cat liter boxes in the house is quite common. It is thought that medical issues can cause this to occur, sometimes parasites that are in the dog’s system. Dogs, regardless of their health, still will perform this disgusting act. This is why you have to have a handle on feces around your property so your dog cannot eat them.

Unbelievably, there is actually a product on the market that will make the feces taste terrible. This is used to deter dogs from doing this. If your dog can’t be broken of this habit, using a muzzle when walking him might be the only solution.

disobedient dog

Dog fighting is another problem that is consistent with most canine owners. Dogs just love to fight! Naturally territorial, dogs will often challenge other canines that come into their area to show dominance over where they are. So when you walk your dog, you can prevent fights by being aware of your dog and the surroundings. If you are walking your dog, and you pass by another dog that growls, make sure there is some distance between the two animals. It’s best to train your dog not to approach other dogs in the street, as when dogs get into this habit, its inevitable that sometimes aggression will occur. Never let your dog wander without a leash, and train him not to pull on the leash.

Never let your dog beg! This is a very bad habit that should be avoided at all costs. Extra treats are sometimes given to puppies which then become adults that have a horrible begging habit. It is not a good idea to encourage behavior like this. Giving a dog when it wants when it begs clearly shows that the dog is in control of the situation. Obesity in dogs is very common, especially when this particular type of habit is encouraged on a regular basis. Always avoid giving your dog table scraps. Only after the humans are done eating should a dog be fed anything at all.

While every dog may obey their training, some need extra attention with certain things. The above are some typical behavior problems, though your dog might exhibit different ones. If you realize that nothing you do is taking care of the quandary, the ideal thing to do is to contact a professional dog trainer or someone who knows a lot about behaviors among dogs. Whatever you do, don’t give up as there’s a solution to almost every dog behavior problem.

Exploring the Most Effective Dog Training Methods

There’s nothing mysterious about dog training. As long as you are able to convey what your dog needs to understand in a proper manner, they will learn. Simple commands like sit or stay have been taught for centuries to domesticated dogs around the world. Training your dog, especially using the suggestions in this article, will help you train your dog in a straightforward and effective manner.

Dog training should probably begin with something simple. You might want to try leash training. All dogs should be able to walk on a leash. This is absolutely essential. Dogs should never pull you. Only walk with you. To prevent your dog from pulling you along, using a Martingale collar, which has an extra loop, will tighten should they pull away at any time. You need to set the pace, not the dog! Stop walking if your dog pulls. This is what you need to do. The leash line should be slack before you begin walking once more. The “heel” is not the same. This has to do with your dog at your side. That’s a little more advanced, and to start off you just want to teach your dog not to pull on the leash.

dog trainingYour puppy needs to be housebroken. This is something that will take a little bit of time. Many people will use a crate to housebreak their pet. Wherever the dog sleeps, instinctively, it is not the place they want to urinate or defecate. Make a little nesting area for the puppy with a comfortable blanket. When the puppy is small, he’ll need frequent breaks. Whenever he eliminates outside the crate, give him a treat. You will have to constantly take the puppy in and out of the crate in order for this to be successful. It is easy to housebreak a puppy following the system. Also, when they are in the crate, they cannot chew up everything in your house if you are gone.

Although it was once considered acceptable to hit dogs, such as with a rolled up newspaper, this is something almost all modern experts on dog behavior would tell you not to do. You don’t want your dog to be afraid of you. Even when you have to discipline your dog in some way, it’s important to maintain self control and not yell out of anger. To get the best response out of your dog, the best dog trainers will agree that they need to be in control of their emotions. It is a proven fact that dogs, that are afraid, will respond. However, aggressive behavior may also arise. Whenever possible, stick to positive reinforcement, and when discipline is necessary, restrict it to verbal rebukes or confinement. Dog training techniques are absolutely essential, especially when you have a dog that you are trying to mold in a certain way. No two dogs are alike, and some learn faster than others. Some tactics will work. Others will not. Just keep trying till something does. Patience must be utilized when training your dog but in the end, you will be satisfied.

Specialized Dog Training – The Many Types That Are Available

Many different strategies can be used for teaching dogs how to do things, from the essentials to intricate tricks and duties. Dogs are used by individuals, law enforcement agencies and even the medical community to perform all kinds of tasks. Most dog owners only give their dogs a very basic kind of training, but dogs are able to do some impressive and valuable actions if you take the time to train them properly.

People with special needs could not live comfortably without assistance dogs. The best known assistance dogs are seeing eye dogs for the blind. This has been the major role they have played up until now and are currently trained for a variety of other important tasks. Today, however, dogs are used to help the hearing impaired, bedridden patients and a variety of disabled people. This type of dog must be chosen with care and there are certain kinds of dogs that work out better that other ones. German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are not the only two dogs that will work out as assistance dogs, but they seem to be the most predominantly used for these tasks. The support dogs that help the blind or the deaf most certainly need to be trustworthy and skilled. Anytime a disabled person is using the talent of a support dog; they are putting their entire trust in their abilities to keep them safe. It is vital that the dog and owner be paired to have the most harmonious relationship possible.

specialized dog training

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, so sensitive that people had used them for many purposes for eons. Used to find criminals and missing persons for decades, law enforcement has used dogs to find people by tracking their scent. Used to find dead bodies as well, cadaver dogs are definitely helpful. Even though the average dog owner may not need to teach their dogs how to track, it can be done. By taking an object that has the scent of a particular person and letting the dog smell it, they can track the odor. The dog is rewarded by being able to locate this object and may eventually be able to track a wide variety of scents. Aside from being able to track humans, dogs can also be taught to track the scents of other animals for hunting.

Doctors and medical researchers are using canines in more progressive ways. Canines have been used a long time for medical reasons, like assisting in the care of disabled or ill individuals. Canines’ very responsive noses are regularly able to become aware of diseases even sooner than medical tests can acquire this information, as it has been recently learned. Research has shown that dogs seem to be able to detect certain kinds of cancer in various ways, such as by sniffing the urine of patients. Though the previously mentioned investigations continue in the early on phase, these dogs can be instructed to perceive diseases in a parallel way of being trained to perceive illegal drugs or TNT. When taking on this kind of training regimen for your dog you will need to have the endurance to follow through; whether you are the one doing the training or you hire the job out to a handler. Regardless of who trains your dog; you will need to spend enough time and effort to have them trust you and listen when you are asking something of them. We have offered some suggestions that may help you when training your dog, but the list of possibilities is limitless.